Coronavirus Restrictions Update

Posted by Queenie on Jul 17, 2021 6:53:36 AM

Hi All,

As you're well aware, the next lot of Coronavirus restrictions is being lifted on Monday, so we just wanted to check in and let you know what will and won't be changing.

  1. Mask wearing no longer mandatory:
    We will no longer be enforcing the mandatory wearing of masks, however if you're dealing with a member of the team and would be more comfortable if they were wearing one please do ask - we understand that everyone's feelings on the lifting of restrictions may vary greatly and we want you all to feel as comfortable as possible.

  2. No more one way system:
    There will no longer be a one way system in place, and you'll be able to enter and exit the store through the main front door. We do please ask that if the showroom is busy you continue to give other customers and staff as much space as possible.

  3. Hand sanitiser will still be available:
    We will still be very much keeping on top of our hygiene and hand sanitiser will continue to be available across the store.

  4. Online/Over the Phone Sales Still Available:
    We understand that you may feel nervous about the lifting of restrictions, so we'd like to reassure you that over the phone/online sales are still very much available! The contact details for each of our departments can be found here:

    Bike sales





    (Our online clothing store can be found here.)

We'd like to take this chance to thank you again all for your support since the start of the pandemic and for being so considerate of the restrictions while we've had to adjust to the "new normal". We hope to see you in-store soon!


Best Wishes,

Team P&H

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