The Best Motorcycle Jackets for Sports Bike Riders

Posted by Queenie on May 8, 2021 10:28:52 AM

We've not had the best start to spring/summer weather-wise this year but we've no doubt that things will start to pick up soon and we'll be able to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather. If you're looking for a new motorcycle jacket to compliment your sporty style then look no further - our clothing team have chosen 5 of their favourites below.


1. Alpinestars Missile

The Alpinestars Missile Leather Jacket features a slim, sporty fit has been optimised for improved levels of comfort and performance. This Tech Air compatible jacket is CE certified and features class leading protection throughout.

Features Include:

  • Tech Air compatible
  • Hump for Sport Look/Aerodynamics
  • Dual closure on wrist
  • Perforated for air flow/ventilation
  • Dynamic Friction Shield on shoulders/elbows for less friction if sliding
  • Back protector pocket
  • Full zip to match any Alpinestars trousers
  • Large accordion panels to allow for inflation of Tech Air bag & comfort

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s-l1600_72. Alpinestars SP X

Made from high-grade Bovine leather and highly resistant stretch fabric, the SP X jacket is full of features that make this one of our favourite sports bike friendly jackets. 

Features include:

  • Removable thermal liner
  • Textile and Leather for better ventilation
  • Protection on slide areas
  • Waterproof internal pocket for wallet/valuables
  • TPU shoulder pads for impact absorption

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3. Dainese Racing 3 1533788P75481_0919135541

An iconic piece, evolved with radical new features and the same amazing fit. Crafted from tough Tutu hide leather with multiple air vents this jacket is light and agile - the perfect balance of protection and comfort. 

Features include:

  • Soft Brazilian cowhide leather
  • Microelastic to allow for comfort when “hunched over the tank” in kidney and arms
  • Reflective strip at top of the jacket for added visibility
  • Aluminium shoulder sliders for low co efficient of friction if sliding
  • Nanofeel lining to help with odour reduction
  • Pockets over front for direct ventilation
  • Zip vents on side for efficient air cooling when hunched over

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4. RST TracTech Evo 4 102357BLK381_1001121139

An extremely comfortable, well fitted jacket, the TracTech Evo 4 has been cut with a slightly less aggressive stance, making it more comfy when off the bike/walking around. Offering superb levels of protection, the TracTech Evo can also be attached to the TracTech Evo 4 leather jean via the 360° connection zip making a complete two-piece suit.

Features include:

  • Removable thermal liner
  • TPU shoulder sliders
  • Hump for aerodynamics
  • Back protector included
  • 4 internal pockets (2 in liner, 2 in the jacket)
  • Neoprene liner for comfort around the neck
  • Perforated for better ventilation, with accordion stretch panels on shoulders to allow for easier movement

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5. Dainese Sports Master Gore-Texsport-master-gore-tex

Sports and touring come together to make the first true textile race jacket. Perfect for all year round riding, the Gore-Tex laminate guarantees waterproof protection. 

Features include:

  • Gore-Tex laminate jacket guarantees waterproofing all year round
  • Direct ventilation for better cooling
  • Adjustability on upper arm
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Removable thermal liner

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Want some help finding the right jacket for you? Feel free to get in touch with the clothing team via email on


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