Want to book a test ride? Here's our updated booking process.

Posted by Queenie on May 28, 2020 10:06:09 AM

Taking a test ride on a bike is definitely the best way to get a feel for if you're going to like it, however as we will be running on highly reduced staff levels in the showroom initially we've had to make a few changes with regards to our demo process.

To enquire about a demo, please email enquiries@phmotorcycles.co.uk (please contact via email ONLY regarding your test ride, please do not try to phone the main line). A member of the sales team will then get in touch to discuss your requirements for your next bike purchase and get you booked on to the bike if it is available.

We will not be able to accommodate same day demos, all demos must be booked in advance. If you wish to discuss your requirements in person then please book an appointment to visit the showroom, your demo can then be booked for a later date.

Given that we won't have the full team in the showroom right away, and all bikes will need to be completely cleaned down after each use we hope you understand that the amount of demos we can provide on any given day will be significantly lower than usual. Bearing this in mind there may be a little bit of a wait before we can get you out on your desired bike but we'll do our best to book you in as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this transitional period!

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